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Hawai'i's business landscape is unique among the fifty states — it is diverse and complex. The confluence of different cultural customs and traditions shape the way we do business.

At Imanaka Asato LLLC, we have a deep understanding of Hawai'i. An integral part of the community, we understand the values and expectations that underpin doing business in our Islands, and we help our clients navigate through this intricate terrain.

The quality of our work speaks to the caliber of our talented team and the commitment we bring to each and every project. Through our expertise in real estate development and financing, complex land use and entitlements, governmental and public affairs, commercial litigation, and property conveyancing, we adeptly help our clients navigate the shoals, averting possible hazards and leading the way forward with effective solutions.


At Imanaka Asato, we are proud of our high standard of ethics, diligence, and quality of our legal work. These principles are the foundation of our firm and guide our daily approach to our practice. The professional and personal work environment we have created facilitates collaboration and permits innovation to thrive. The depth and breadth of our expertise and experience in the law are an essential component of our practice, but we also believe that developing lasting business and community relationships is the key to our effectiveness and our success.

We have built our firm around our clients and value the partnerships we form with them. Their vitality and well-being are our utmost concern. The first step on our shared journey with our clients is gaining a true understanding of their legal needs and business objectives. All of our clients are afforded respect, individualized attention, and prompt responses. We embody our role as our clients’ native guides. The strength of our relationships, combined with our expertise and experience, facilitates elegant business solutions and allows us to adeptly guide our clients to success.


Hawai'i's history is the story of a coming together of industrious people from far-away corners of the world. Today, islanders compose an intricate web of diverse cultures, traditions, customs, and histories. They are, however, all united in a singular belief: that their greatest fortune is to call Hawai'i home. They are proud stewards of the 'āina (land) and have a deep love and respect for this paradise in the Pacific.

Surrounded by thousands of miles of ocean, this island state has just over 6,400 square miles of land. As beautiful as they are finite, these expanses and limited natural resources influence how the people of Hawai'i approach issues of land use, development, and doing business. The challenge of creating a new enterprise here is to find, embrace, and achieve a delicate balance between varying interests within the context of a rigorous maze of regulations not found elsewhere in the country.

Opportunities exist here if one knows where to look and where to begin. Sophisticated businesses acknowledge this unique cultural landscape and seek a proficient, local, and knowledgeable guide like Imanaka Asato to help them achieve their business goals.

Trusted advisors in supporting our legal service needs and assisting us in achieving our business objectives.

Joseph F. Scalo, Former Senior Vice President and General Counsel

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