Is Your Project's Parking Unbundled? Bill 2 At City Council Seeks To Require “Unbundled Parking”

Is Your Project's Parking Unbundled? Bill 2 At City Council Seeks To Require “Unbundled Parking”

The Committee on Zoning Planning and Housing is scheduled to hear Bill 2 (2020), CD1, relating to off-street parking and loading. Bill 2 comprehensively updates the off-street parking and loading requirements in Chapter 21, Article 6 of the Revised Ordinances of Honolulu 1990. Amendments include, updating of minimum off-street parking ratios, providing exceptions to parking requirements, establishing bicycle parking requirements, regulating off-street electric vehicle charging, regulating surface parking and structured parking site planning, and updating off-street loading regulations. 

Most importantly, Section 21-6.100 (Page 19) of the Bill establishes an unbundled parking requirement, which permits the leasing and renting of off-street parking spaces through a separate agreement. This section, however, prohibits off-street parking spaces from being sold as condominiumized real estate to individual owners. Bill 2 will only permit the sale of off-street parking stalls to a management company, homeowner’s association, or similar entity capable of managing all off-street parking spaces on the site. Accordingly, this section of the bill will substantially impact a developer’s ability to sell off-street parking spaces in an existing or new development moving forward.

A copy of Bill 2 can be found Here. The committee is currently set to hear Bill 2 on Thursday, May 21, 2020, 9:00A.M, in the City Council Chamber. A link to the hearing notice can be found Here. Additionally, individuals may submit testimony and register to speak at the hearing for Bill 2 at the City and County’s website Here.

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